In 2021, APPII celebrated 30 years of representing property investment in Portugal. This increasingly important and strategic sector encompasses national and foreign property development and investment companies operating in Portugal, including the recently created SIGIS - Sociedades de Gestão e Investimento Imobiliário.

We distinguish ourselves by giving priority to a strong and uncompromising defence of the sector vis-à-vis political power and national, central and local decision-making centres, but also by promoting direct contact between our members and our country's decision-makers. We strive to make Portugal a credible, safe and attractive investment destination for investors and to create all the conditions for the development of the cities of the future, if it weren't for property developers being the "city makers". APPII is a lively centre for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and business between our national member companies and international players who want to enter the property market through a credible association that has been in existence for 30 years. This is why, since its foundation, APPII has been considered one of the main gateways for foreign investors into Portugal.

We're counting on you

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Member Advantages

  • Join the group of companies that account for 15% of Portugal's GDP
  • Join the most important group of companies in the property development and investment sector
  • APPII is the right vehicle to get your concerns across to the national, central and local decision-making centres
  • Organisation of forums and conferences exclusively for our Members
  • And much more....
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