Golden visa attracted €48M in real estate investment in April
Investment received through the concession of golden visa increased 82.8% yoy in April, to a total of 51.2 million euro.

According to Lusa press agency, based on SEF’s (Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service) numbers, in April 2020, during the beginning of the pandemic, investment had reached 28 million euro. When compared to Marched investment increased 39.5%.

In April, 98 visas were issued, 90 of which through the purchase of buildings, 22 of which for urban renewal. Real estate investment reached 48.1 million euro during April, 8 million of which for urban renewal. Transfers of capital reached 3.1 million euro.

During this period, 35 ARIs (Residence Permit for Investment Activity) were issued to China, 12 to Brazil, 9 to the United States, 6 to India and 5 to Russia.

326 golden visas were issued during the aggregated period between January and April, 100 of which in February alone. The investment received reached 173.4 million euro, a 17% yoy increase.

Since the program started, in October 2023, 5.812 billion euro were received, 5.256 of which concern the purchase of real estate assets and 305 concern urban renewal.

Source: Iberian Property